Tory minister: EU is disastrous for the UK

A Conservative cabinet member has warned that remaining in the European Union under the current terms of membership would be disastrous for the United Kingdom, ahead of the upcoming In/Out referendum, reports CityAm.

Writing in the Telegraph, Chris Grayling said that the EU is heading towards closer integration, a path which the UK “will not and should not follow”.

Grayling is the first minister to speak out so strongly against continued EU membership, after Cameron told cabinet members they could campaign with their consciences.

Last week Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he would allow cabinet members to campaign on either side ahead of the upcoming referendum.

The Prime Minister is hoping to reach an EU-wide agreement at a summit next month, causing speculation that the referendum could be held as early as this summer.

There is currently not one stand out leader for the Out campaign, indicating Grayling could end up playing a key role in campaign for the UK to leave the EU.

Grayling, the leader of the House of Commons and former justice secretary, didn’t go so far as to say the UK should leave the EU outright, but has been widely expected to campaign for Brexit.

The UK is at “a crucial crossroads” and “cannot be left in a position where we have no ability to defend our national interest” within the EU, Grayling said.

“Nor can we simply accept endless migration from across Europe with no ability to slow or stop the resulting growth in our population,” he added.