May tells her ministers: Make brexit work

Theresa May

Every minister must play their role in making Brexit a success, Theresa May has told her first Cabinet meeting as Prime Minister.

Sky News reports that she said the Government must seize the global opportunities offered by leaving the EU and ensure Britain remains open for business.

And she reminded ministers that as Britain takes its new place in the world, the economic benefits must be shared by everyone in the country and not just those at the top.
The first meeting of the new Cabinet follows the resounding Commons vote on renewing Trident, in which a split Labour Party helped the Government win by 472 votes to 117, a majority of 355.

Some 140 Labour MPs voted with the Government, 47 voted against and 40 were absent and there was one formal abstention, meaning 74.2% of those Labour MPs who voted were in favour of renewing Trident.

Mrs May said: “Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it.

“It will be the responsibility of everyone sitting around the Cabinet table to make Brexit work for Britain.

“And it will also be their duty to deliver success on behalf of everyone in the UK, not just the privileged few.

“That is why social justice will be at the heart of my Government.

“So we will not allow the country to be defined by Brexit; but instead build the education, skills, and social mobility to allow everyone to prosper from the opportunities of leaving the EU.”

Following the Cabinet meeting, the PM is also due to host her first National Security Council session, featuring discussion of the global threats facing the UK and the safety of British nationals overseas.

At Cabinet, the PM set out the priorities for her new Government, as well as receiving an update on the economy and a foreign policy overview.

As the new Prime Minister completed her Government appointments it was confirmed there are now 22 full members of the Cabinet, of whom eight are women.

Another five ministers will attend Cabinet, making 27 in all – three fewer than the 30 who attended when David Cameron was Prime Minister.

It was also revealed that Liam Fox, the new International Trade Secretary, will also be the President of the Board of Trade after he is officially appointed by the Queen on Wednesday.