Gibbs’ unveils river taxis with a difference on the Thames

Gibbs Technologies demoed its range of hybrid cars to potential investors around Canary Wharf.

Gibbs claims its vehicles are the first in the world to be able to exceed 30 miles per hour on water and say they can make the transition from road to water in five seconds reports CityAM

Gibbs is currently in discussions with one potential licensee to allow them to produce its largest vehicle, called the Humdinga. The company has also developed a sports car model, a quad bike and a 4×4.

“We are very excited to be in talks with a number of potential licensees worldwide, but particularly, businesses in the UK with a view to developing the first ever high speed amphibian river taxi which could truly revolutionise transport in London and, of course, other major river side cities,” said Neil Jenkins, chairman of Gibbs Technologies.

Last year Gibbs made headlines around the world when it unveiled its two-wheeled amphibious motorcycle which it calls the Biski.