Businesses need more stability on export support, BCC warns


Prime Minister Theresa May is keen to promote a “Global Britain” concept, but the British Chambers of Commerce has warned this requires long term planning, and firms being able to rely on the system.

“Exports support in the UK has basically been in transition for a number of years now,” BCC director general Adam Marshall told City A.M.

“There has been continuous revolution under successive governments.

“With programmes like this it is important for SMEs to have stability so they can take advantage of the opportunities of Brexit.”

A spokeswoman for the Department for International Trade: “We are absolutely committed to supporting UK businesses as they grow, and through the ‘Great’ campaign we build the global appetite for their goods and services, giving UK companies access to millions of pounds’ worth of potential business through the digital services offered on the website. That is why in 2016, UK exports were £544.5bn, up 22.6 per cent on 2010.

“As we leave the EU, our Plan for Britain means getting the right deal with our European partners and making Britain a leading advocate for free trade across the world.”