Bebo founder thought Devon village looked depressing – so he’s bought it

That’s right, the multi millionaire has been buying off the buildings in Woolsery, North Devon, before restoring and reopening them. What a hero!

ad_216128441So far the California-based country lover has fixed the village pub, an old hotel and the local chippy, reports The Metro.

Locals are comparing his support to ‘winning the lottery’.

He now has a net worth of £303 million and said he felt compelled to act when he saw how dilapidated the village had become.

Birch said: ‘I have six generations of my family buried in the village church and I still have family living in the village today.

‘I have a huge emotional connection to the village and I have fond memories of drinking in The Farmers Arms pub and was saddened to hear that it had closed.

“It was in the saddest state I’d seen the village in my memory.’