Apple’s live TV streaming plans “on hold”

Apple TV

The plans to bring live broadcasting from several US media companies to its internet TV platform have stalled, Bloomberg reports, as one TV executive said talks have paused, reports CityAM.

The service would work in a similar way to traditional cable subscription packages in the US, but instead shows would be streamed online rather than via cable or satellite.

Speaking at an industry conference, CBS chief executive Leo Moonves said: “They’ve had conversations on it, and I think they pressed the hold button.”

“This will happen,” Moonves said. “It has four major networks and 10 cable networks, let’s say, and the price point will be in the $30s, $30 to $35, $40 maybe. People will not be spending money on channels they don’t want to watch.”

Negotiating the price of the service is holding things up, Bloomberg reports, with media companies wanting more money.