Abercombie & Fitch scraps half naked male models

The American chain is also ditching ‘sexualised marketing’ of products, including years of shirtless men on its website, store windows and shopping bags. The London Evening Standard is reporting that the changes set to be introduced in July.

Previously staff were hired on the basis of their physical attractiveness and were referred to as ‘models’, but will now be called ‘brand representatives’.

Topless male models, also known as beefcakes, would often greet shoppers as they entered the store.

The retailer, and sister brand Hollister, have experienced a slump in sales and there has been criticism of the staff dress code.

They also came under fire for allegedly denying a Muslim woman a job because she wore a headscarf.

It is believed the new approach is being adopted to appeal to young customers who are turning to brands such as H&M.

A statement sent to store managers said: “Abercrombie & Fitch will recruit and hire the best associates whose focus will be on offering our customers an excellent in-store shopping experience.

“We will not tolerate discrimination based on body type or physical attractiveness and will not tolerate discrimination in hiring based on any category protected under the law.”