Young entrepreneurs would look to Lord Sugar as a business mentor

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Whilst unemployment is coining down across there UK, Youth unemployment is still one of the biggest issues this country is facing. Excluding those in full time education, the latest parliamentary statistics show 628,000 young people were registered as unemployed.

Lack of paid employment and experience has led many young people to consider going into business for themselves, so a recent poll asked 500 16-21 year olds their thoughts on becoming a youth entrepreneur.

The results found that 62 per cent of these young people said they have thought about starting their own business. Nearly a third of those who have thought about it have parents who own their own business.

Young people whose parents have their own business are also more positive about the idea. Nearly half said they thought it would be achievable as opposed to only 32 per cent whose parents aren’t business owners.

Many young people also expressed an interest in having a business mentor when they first start out and a massive 40 per cent said they would want Lord Sugar to be their mentor.

The other top 9 desired mentors included:

Richard Branson (28%)
Mark Zuckerberg (24%)
Steve Jobs (22%)
Peter Jones (18%)
Simon Cowell (18%)
Deborah Meaden (16%)
Duncan Bannatyne (12%)
Theo Paphitis (11%)
Kim Kardashian (9%)