Worlds largest business accelerator comes to London in the back of a Taxi

Support for the country’s tech start-ups has been bolstered with the announcement that Entrepreneurial Spark has teamed up with global mobile taxi app GetTaxi to help take a new generation of start-up superstars on a journey to business success.

The world’s largest free business accelerator programme, who count RBS as a key supporter, which has assisted nearly 1000 businesses in the last three years, and the taxi hailing app that only deals with licensed black cabs are both in the middle of huge UK expansion programmes as the UK sees a surge in new business start-ups – as seen in last week’s Entrepreneurs Index Report.

The new partnership, which further strengthens Entrepreneurial Spark’s digital offering and gives GetTaxi bases at Hatcheries across Britain, is perfectly timed and the latest in a series of moves designed to help create a ‘Golden age’ for entrepreneurs across Britain.

GetTaxi teams will be based in offices across Entrepreneurial Spark’s existing Hatcheries in seven locations across the UK, from Edinburgh to Birmingham, and will also operate in new Entrepreneurial Spark powered byNatWest locations to be launched over the next few months.

Key to the deal will be the mentoring offered by GetTaxi to tech Chiclets in the Entrepreneurial Spark NatWest Hatcheries – tapping into the business’ bumps, bruises and success of the last five years.

Budding entrepreneurs will benefit from two hours’ of GetTaxi mentoring every month at the Hatcheries.

As part of the partnership, and to aid their growth, they will also enjoy critical office support including free wi-fi, meeting rooms and office facilities allowing them to concentrate on continuing to grow a business that has already proven to be the best, safest and most respected mobile taxi hailing app on the market.

GetTaxi drivers will also transport keynote speakers for Entrepreneurial Spark events across the country, as well as sharing the digital skills honed developing their cutting-edge app with the internal Entrepreneurial Spark operations team.

Entrepreneurial Spark CEO Jim Duffy hailed the GetTaxi partnership and said: ‘Our mission is to aid start-ups on their business journey and, in this case, we are able to do that literally! But in a wider sense, this partnership will bring a host of benefits on both sides.

‘We are excited to team up with a business that has already enjoyed outstanding success in a short space of time and which embodies the ‘Go Do’ spirit that epitomises Entrepreneurial Spark.’

GetTaxi CEO Remo Gerber said: ‘GetTaxi is delighted to partner with Entrepreneurial Spark. We believe that our organisations share a common vision, harnessing technology and business expertise to deliver the very best service, and our skills and experience will complement each other.

‘We look forward to helping start-ups at Entrepreneurial Spark locations across Britain.’

Image: Lucian Milasan /