Work From Home Week: 83% of UK employees want to work from home

Work from home

The survey of 1,000 UK workers reveals that only 36.5 per cent currently work from home for some of the time, despite 90 per cent saying they could work effectively from any location outside of the office if they had the right technology.

Moreover, the research found that 85 per cent say that flexibility in work location and hours is important to them.

83 per cent say it’s not necessary to be in an office to be productive and in fact 69 per cent believed that they had better technology at home than they do at work.

500 UK teenagers – aged 15 to 18 years old, were also questioned on their views around flexible working, revealing 79 per cent find home working appealing, compared to only 57 per cent who say the same about an office.

This app generation – young people who have never known a world without the internet and a smartphone – also say they don’t want a long commute to work and half don’t want to be tied to a nine to five job.

Commenting on the Work From Home Week initiative, Tom Pressley, Marketing Director at Fuze, said, “Working away from a traditional office location is highly appealing to UK employees and as the new App Generation enters the workplace, working from home is going to move from a ‘perk’ to an expectation.

“Businesses need to view flexible working practices as an opportunity to attract talented workers and improve productivity, putting in place technologies that allow employees to connect and collaborate with colleagues and customers from any location.”