Why now is the best time to become known as the greatest thought leader in your field!

This week, I heard the news that the government plan to axe up to 600,000 public sector jobs over the next four years. It seems that nobody is safe, as even business leaders and senior executives are being made to work harder to compete with their fellow colleagues in order to keep thier jobs.

This must be a tough time for those people going through it. So it made me think about what advice I could give, and the answer came to me. Now is the best time to show yourself as the best thought leader in your field. If you want to avoid redundancy, why not start displaying your leadership qualities today?
I have worked with many people over the years to bring out their best – some have even gone on to write their books, something which they never thought they would do! It is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed, and there are certainly some bleak times ahead for some public sector workers.
I want you to think – what is it that you are great at? I want to encourage every leader to be bold, let your thoughts be heard… tell the world your opinions and make sure you are firm.
Most importantly, be confident, know yourself, and stand up for what you believe is right. I can guarantee that you will end up being more valued and respected in the long run by those both above and below you in the organisation.
Truly successful thought leaders are those who have found how to share their thoughts and ideas in a positive and constructive way. They are usually recognised as having an ability to be constantly innovative with their ideas, and can often have an influencing effect on others who then lead by their example.
REAL thought leaders are people that can achieve Reach, Engagement, Authority and Longevity and utilise it to secure their position in the company of the future.
Reaching and Engaging your audience, particularly in the face of job cuts can be tough, but once this is achieved, people will begin to believe in your Authority. Being opinionated helps as this is what will gain you the key to your success – Longevity.
Making bold statements will help people to remember you, and you need people to remember you as a good thought leader if you want to help avoid redundancy.