WhatClinic.com and the Pronto Network help clinics get the competitive edge

WhatClinic.com and the Pronto Network have today announced a strategic partnership that integrates TM2 and PPS practice management software with WhatClinic.com’s site functionality to help their clients get a competitive edge.

The integration means that WhatClinic’s availability and booking functionality can fit seamlessly into practice management software for the thousands of clinics that use TM2 or PPS software. The integration will help these clinics to find and book more patients, while saving front desk staff time on scheduling and confirmation.

For patients, the new partnership allows a full end to end service that takes them through searching, comparing and allows them to book an appointment, all on one site.

WhatClinic’s CTO, David Roe comments: “We are excited to partner with the Pronto Network, who have a deep understanding of practice management issues for musculoskeletal therapists. Their expertise has allowed us to tailor WhatClinic’s online search, find and book capabilities to make life better for patients seeking treatment.”

The Director of Blue Zinc, creators of the Pronto Network, Kyle Lunn comments:“Together with WhatClinic.com, we are building solutions that increase productivity, drive efficiency and give competitive advantage to our customers. This integration allows us to add an extra layer of value to our product, and helps our clients find and reach more patients, which is a key advantage in today’s increasingly digital health environment”