Vulpine, stylish cycling clothing to raise £500k on Crowdcube

The company was founded back in 2012 by Nick Hussey to fill a gaping hole in the cycling clothing market. His vision was clear; to produce sartorial masterpieces that look great off the bike, with performance to match.

Hussey turned down private equity investment in favour of crowd-funding to offer Vulpine customers and the wider public the chance to invest and become part of the #VulpineStory.

Over the past three years, Vulpine has won the hearts of British cyclists. The company has since more than doubled their sales year on year. They now have 86 products across three separate ranges. Turnover in Vulpine first three years was £199K, £416K and £996K.

Vulpine will use the money to fund:

  • International expansion in the USA & Asia (especially Japan & South Korea).
  • A Made in Britain range, constructed in Blackburn, to give these International markets higher end products with a clear British feel.
  • HOY Vulpine expansion. Revenue is £350K so far this year, having launched in February.

Currently 70 per cent of Vulpine’s revenue is from, with an additional 88 retail locations, mostly in the UK. Hussey’s longer-term vision is to establish Vulpine as an international lifestyle brand, bringing stylish casual apparel to enthusiasts and casual cyclists alike.

“I am so excited to offer everyone the opportunity to become part of #VulpineStory. I am looking forward to even more fun, with brand advocates who actually own part of vulpine! What better to help grow your business?” Nick Hussey said.

He continued: “Cycling is growing as a lifestyle choice for so many people and we’re determined to show them just how good stylish cycle clothing can be. We’re committed to build on our success, we believe in Vulpine, and we love hearing that so many other people do too.”

FM_Image_NickHussey_ChrisHoyThis year Vulpine beat seven clothing competitors in forming a partnership with Britain most decorated Olympic athlete, Sir Chris Hoy. The HOY Vulpine range features simple, stylish road performance wear that is accessible and understated.

Sir Chris Hoy said: “Vulpine is a brand that shares the same values as me, focused on quality and with an inherent attention to detail, they were exactly what we were looking for and that’s why the partnership works so well.”

Investors will receive the following rewards:

  • Invest £100: Membership to Vulpine CrowdCube Investor’s Forum.
  • Invest £500: Membership to The First Chance Club. Get 10% discount.
  • Invest £1,000: Membership to The First Chance Club. Get 10% discount. Plus invitation to key Vulpine event.
  • Invest £2,500: Membership to The R&D Club. Get 15% discount.
  • Invest £5,000: All of the above, plus invitation to the Annual Investor’s Ride. Get 20% discount.
  • Invest £10,000: All of the above, plus free garment for testing. Get 25% discount.
  • Invest £25,000: As above with opportunity to be further involved. Get 30% discount.
  • Invest £50,000: Membership to Vulpinati. As above, with access to management. Receive a full outfit. Get 40% discount.

Vulpine customers were offered the opportunity to invest 24 hours before being officially opened to the public.

For more information on Vulpine’s Crowdcube campaign please visit: