Vodafone to introduce new super-highway 5G network


Vodafone the mobile phone giant has revealed they are to introduce 5G in seven cities in July and will be the first ever network to launch 5G roaming overseas.

Customers will be able to easily roam over 5G in Italy, Germany and Spain during the summer this year.

The next generation of mobile technology 5G, will be faster and offer superb internet speeds, many times greater than the current 4G.

The operator also confirmed that they are the latest company to drop Huawei devices from the 5G smartphone line up, due to the stand-off with the US government and the tech company.

Vodafone UK’s consumer director Max Taylor said, “With regards to Huawei handsets, we are only pausing pre-orders for the Huawei Mate 20X 5G in the UK.

“This is a temporary measure while uncertainty exists regarding new Huawei 5G devices. We will keep this situation under review.”

In by omitting Huawei devices this will offer protection for Vodafone’s valued customers due Google blocking the Android operating system there will be no security updates and many services will not work.

The first devices that Vodafone will offer for their new high speed 5G super-highway network will be, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

Taylor said, “5G provides both businesses and consumers with three main benefits. These are improved data speeds, greater reliability in busy areas and super low latency.

“Taking each benefit in turn, by offering speeds over 5G up to ten times faster than 4G, we’ve shown commuters at busy airports and railway stations that they can download TV box sets or movies in a matter of seconds before they embark on their journey.

“5G will also ensure faster data speeds for customers in congested areas, such as busy shopping centres, sporting events or music concerts.”

Business owners and Londoners already get the best network through Vodafone. With the new 5G network Vodafone will easily be able to capitalise on London’s new super-highway network, offering their customers “greater reliability.”

Taylor added, “Vodafone is already the best network in London and now, with the extra capacity offered by 5G, consumers and businesses in the capital can expect even greater reliability in busy areas due to the greater bandwidth offered by 5G.

“And last but not least, super-low latency means that 5G responds really quickly to a command or request, for example, in multi-player gaming one can react instantly to an opponent’s move.”