Vince Cable meets Entrepreneurs’ Forum for a second meeting

The forum is part of the Government’s agenda to engage with business people to hear their views on boosting enterprise and promoting growth across the economy.
Up to 17 entrepreneurs, including past TV dragon James Caan and the Yorkshire based, entrepreneur and Business Matters columnist Carl Hopkins, sit on each meeting of the forum and they were drawn together on the basis of experience they can bring to the development of enterprise policy.
Following the first meeting of the forum in January, Action Groups have been established to look at three key areas for enterprise: ease of starting up; access to finance; and employment regulation.
At this meeting, the outcomes from the Action Groups will be discussed and practical steps and activities agreed ahead of the third meeting of the forum in September.
Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “I greatly value the advice I receive from the members my Entrepreneurs’ Forum, and our first meeting in January was extremely positive. I am now keen that we build on the enthusiasm and knowledge of the group to make a real difference to enterprise and growth in this country.”
Cable concluded “I am particularly interested to hear about the work of the three Action Groups, which I hope will enable us to identify some practical outcomes to help small businesses.”