Uses of machine learning in finance

If you wonder whether to implement AI and Machine Learning into your financial business or not, this is an article for you.

We will discuss here the advantages and disadvantages of this solution. Machine Learning is ideal for the financial service’s industry because there is always an enormous database to operate and the more data you have the better for you because due to that the AI can learn faster.

Yes, investing in Machine Learning requires some significant amount of money which often is a major concern but the payback is quick to be noticed. Here are some examples of what Machine Learning is capable of doing.

Automation of customer service

The use of Machine Learning saves your company’s energy, money and time. It can even replace regular employees by taking over the whole part of the company responsible for customer service. AI can answer e-mails and phone calls, and can also respond to requests via chat on a website. The program can teach itself to answer more and more accurately, and eventually become the master of customer service. Machine Learning can also provide the company with improved training for employees and even perform it.

But then, these solutions are obvious and do not regard only financial businesses. Well, when it comes specifically to the field of finance, AI has also a lot to offer. For example, it is very effective in detecting fraud, helping to make the best trading decisions and instantly predicting a level of credit risk.

Detecting fraud

It is sometimes hard to see small anomalies in the financial habits of customers and to be honest no one can monitor all their clients all the time. AI, on the other hand, can. It processes tons of information every second and detects those anomalies in an instance. What is more, it can not only detect but also immediately prevent fraud because of how fast and accurate it operates. Preventing fraud results in blocking suspicious operations, transactions, and accounts. Of course, if there is enough percent chance of them being abusive.

Processing information on credit risk

Automation of analyzing the solvency and credit risk of any customer benefits companies greatly. There is a really small chance of any mistake and there are no emotions involved in the process which unfortunately is essential in financial services. Generally speaking, AI protects your company from making bad financial decisions that can hurt your business. It considers many factors, some of which could seem irrelevant to a human being but all in all, make a great difference.

Analyzing the stock market

AI is capable of analyzing thousands of data all day and all night to track patterns and predict the state of the market. That is something that no human could ever achieve. Nevertheless, the results of those operations are very desirable. Every little change that has been predicted can save or earn lots of money within seconds.

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