UK’s first peer-to-peer delivery service Nimber launches

Norwegian social delivery service, Nimber, is offering the UK’s SMEs a brand new approach to their logistics needs through its social delivery service. Launched this month in the UK, Nimber plugs a gap in the market for SMEs, offering an alternative to faceless, expensive courier and other delivery services, which can be cost and time-prohibitive for these types of businesses.

As well as offering the chance to tap into the UK’s sharing economy to help save money by sending items cost-effectively and conveniently, Nimber also offers SMEs the opportunity to make money as part of its delivery community.

By becoming members of the Nimber delivery community, SMEs also benefit from the unique social experience of using Nimber, which revolves around individuals helping each other out.

Nimber will allow SMEs to send any item – no matter how big and bulky or how it’s packaged – through a reliable and personal delivery service using its vibrant community of bringers and senders. The service works by matching senders with a bringer – who is going their way, anyway – using Nimber’s unique matching algorithms, to deliver the desired item(s).

This system enables Nimber to make use of existing car and van capacity (and potentially other vehicles as well, including lorries, trains and even London’s Tube system), by targeting journeys that are happening anyway.

The sender pays a small fee – which they set, with the support of Nimber’s pricing algorithms which help suggest a fair price depending on size, distance and speed – directly to the bringer, making the cost of using the service unique to each delivery and often cheaper when compared to other options, such as the Royal Mail or courier services. This allows greater control and flexibility over budgeting. SMEs with vans and lorries are in an ideal position to make money by acting as bringers too – capitalising on existing transport resources with extra capacity, by signing up to the service. In Norway, it has been reported that Nimber bringers have made up to as much as £50,000 through the service.

Nimber is the first peer to peer delivery company to enter the UK’s sharing economy – alongside established and familiar concepts such as Airbnb and Uber – which 25 per cent of the country’s adults currently contribute to, following successful operation in its country of inception, Norway, for two years.

Since 2013, the company has built a community with over 30,000 members and is on course to deliver over 10,000 packages per year, ranging from furniture to machinery, and items at the more unusual and eclectic end of the spectrum, such as treadmills and toilets.

Commenting on the launch, Nimber’s CEO, Ari Kestin said: ‘We’re really excited to bring Nimber to the UK. Delivery costs and the logistics involved in co-ordinating them can be one of the biggest drains on a small business and we hope that Nimber can do its bit to remove some of these barriers for the UK’s SMEs. Businesses across the country are set to save – and even make – money from our social delivery service. What’s more we’re offering these businesses a more social and sustainable alternative to traditional delivery options, such as couriers.”

To join Nimber, simply visit and click ‘register’. It is free for both senders and bringers to join the service and Nimber insures all deliveries up to £500.