UK small businesses investing more as economy grows

The survey  also found that 45 per cent of UK small businesses are also looking to sell their products abroad through the internet for the first time.

The figures also found a large increase in the numbers of small businesses outsourcing their jobs showing that small businesses are willing to spend more money to help boost growth.

The figures show that more small businesses in the UK are capitalising on the improvement in the economy, with more and more businesses in UK outsources high tech, translation and marketing jobs to enable them to compete.

“The figures found that the UK is set to become Europe’s fastest growing outsourcing economy. This means that UK small businesses are hiring in experts to undertake the work that they can’t do. From designing smart IT systems to help run their companies more efficiently and dynamic e-commerce sites, to marketing, financial and accounts experts”, said’s Director of Europe, Bill Little.

“2014 looks set to be biggest year yet for UK small businesses, putting them at the forefront of technological changes. UK is fast becoming Europe’s most innovative and modern economy.

“But small business are also outsourcing more because the growth in outsourcing sites gives them confidence and protection. With freelancers reviewed for quality of their services and escrow payment systems ensuring security, small businesses are now able to manage a diverse workforce with reliable and easy to use project management systems,” Little said.