UK classic car hire platform partners with Airbnb

porsche 356 speedster

London-based classic car hire platform BookAclassic has joined with Luxury Retreats, the luxury arm of Airbnb, to provide high-end classic vehicles to customers around the world.

BookAclassic has vehicles in 36 countries and offers them to discerning travellers who want something special from their holiday transport. As a preferred supplier, BookAclassic’s vehicles will be available as part of the exceptional service the Luxury Retreats specialists provide.

This means that clients renting a high-end property can also choose to have a beautiful classic car sitting on their drive ready for road trips around the local area.

The high level of customer service that Luxury Retreats provides, coupled with a dedication to creating authentic travel experiences fits perfectly with BookAclassic’s ethos.

CEO of BookAclassic Claus Stig Christensen says: “We’re very pleased to announce this partnership and can’t wait to start providing luxury classic car experiences as part of Luxury Retreats’ already impressive offering.

“We were thrilled when the Luxury Retreats team contacted us, this was a clear indication that the brand also sees the unique potential in classic car sharing. We have built the largest selection of classic vehicles around the globe, which means we can provide anything from a Ferrari in Italy to a Mustang in the USA – and we’re just getting started!”

Like Luxury Retreats and Airbnb, BookAclassic is part of the sharing economy. The cars available on the site belong to both professional and private owners looking to share their rare, beautiful and expensive cars with travellers.

As well as self-drive cars, there’s a large selection of other vehicles available with a chauffeur for weddings, events, airport transport and more.