UK businesses gained record £1.5bn in EIS funding last year


New research by the firm suggests that the number of small firms using the government tax incentive scheme has hit the highest levels in 15 years with 2,770 small and medium enterprises having raised EIS funds to the year to date; 12 per cent more than last year.

The number of start-ups raising investment through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) has also risen markedly.

2,030 start-ups raised money through the SEIS scheme last year, a 75 per cent increase on 1,160 companies in the previous year. The total amount raised jumped 93 per cent to £166m from £86.1m the year before.

Radius Equity has stated that the rising popularity of EIS is helping to provide investment for UK small firms at a time when many are struggling to secure traditional bank lending. Director Gary Robins commented: “EIS is becoming an increasingly valuable source of capital, especially as bank lending can still be difficult to secure.

“This capital raising is important to ensure small and medium enterprises continue to be a strong engine for economic growth in the UK. They employ a huge number of people while stimulating local and regional economic development.”