Sturgeon says Scotland prefers ‘no Brexit’ over a ‘soft Brexit’

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said ahead of votes on Monday in Westminster, that her party’s reference to for a no Brexit rather than a soft Brexit.

Sturgeon suggested Joanna Cherry QC SNP MP’s motion, to revoke Article 50 if no extension can be obtained, is “most important.”

None of Theresa May’s eight alternatives to her Brexit deal were approved by MPs.

On Monday Sturgeon tweeted, “The most important motion laid today is this one from Joanna Cherry – it makes revoking Article 50, rather than a no-deal Brexit, the default option if Parliament can’t agree a way forward.

“I hope all parties will support.”

SMP MPs will decide on how to vote when proposals are selected later on Monday.

She said, “Today’s vote is not on a preferential basis so there may be an opportunity to keep alive ‘least worst’ options against no deal/hard Brexit.

“But to be clear, our preference is not soft Brexit, it is no Brexit.”