Six degrees of recommendations

Businesses that excel at customer service are rewarded with a domino effect of strong recommendations, as over one third of consumers, are likely to talk about a good experience every time they have one. With these consumers telling an average of six people each time they receive good service, the power of word of mouth in a ‘social’ world has never been so powerful.

The findings also highlight that good customer service leads to increased levels of loyalty with two thirds of UK adults spending more with a company if they have had positive experiences. Indeed, consumers said they are willing to spend 12 per cent more on average with a company they believe provides excellent customer service.

On the opposite end of the scale, the potential impact of unsatisfactory service could be damaging to a company’s bottom line, as just over half of consumers have gone elsewhere because of poor service in the last year, and a further 42 per cent have not returned their custom because of it.