The search is on to find Britain’s happiest businesses & employees

happy worker

The Laughology Happiness Awards 2016 are the first awards of their kind. They will recognise the importance happiness plays in the nation’s economic performance.

Workplace happiness has become a serious business with a recent University of Warwick and Social Market Foundation study showing that employee happiness and well-being raise productivity by between 12 and 20 percent. Happiness as a commercial concept has gained much traction in recent years and consultancy Laughology has been a pioneer in the field. It is launching the awards to mark its tenth anniversary and to honour businesses, organisations and individuals taking happiness seriously.

The awards are sponsored by innovative furniture manufacturer Herman Miller and are supported by RBS, NatWest and Sir Anthony Seldon, the influential happiness expert and government adviser.

David Brents need not apply. The Laughology Happiness Awards aim to recognise the serious business of happiness, rather than workplace clowns.

Laughology founder and CEO, Stephanie Davies explains: “At Laughology we have been studying the benefits of happiness on productivity and well-being for ten years and were one of the first organisations to help others harness the benefits of happiness through training and engagement. We have worked globally with some of the biggest business in the world.

“We are holding the first Laughology Happiness Awards for businesses and organisations because we want to honour the happiest staff, businesses, organisations and managers in the country. Increasingly organisations are realising how important happiness and humour in the workplace are. Happiness makes people healthier, more resilient, more productive and it promotes positive relationships and creativity. It boosts the bottom line.

“We are looking for the people and organisations that make a real difference and embody the core themes of happiness.”

To submit a nomination, go to the laughology website