Scredible launches knowledge-building social app to boost trends discovery

Scredible claims that it’s offering is the answer to an increasingly cluttered digital landscape, offering a one-stop platform for users to learn, know, and grow their presence and impact online.

Over the past two years, Scredible say that they have been breaking new ground by combining next-generation professional skills and talent development tools with advanced education technologies.

The company claims that its sophisticated, AI-driven, contextual content and social context platform is designed to learn from a user’s engagement, from their likes and dislikes, and then identify gaps in knowledge for future use in programs designed to improve users’ learning efficiency and social experience. This process improves over time as a continuous and predictive feedback protocol intelligently adapts to changing goals as the AI ‘evolves’.

Simply put, the Scredible app is designed to provide a faster, smarter way for users to discover new content and trends, to understand what they need to know, and ultimately to predict what users should know next to achieve their goals.

The machine learning technologies underpinning Scredible’s app evaluate the strength of news and other online content, applying systems that counteract the cookie-driven skew prevalent in many online searches. This enables the platform to assess whether the delivered content matches with individual user’s selected criteria by combining factors such as the quality of the source, the author, keywords, sentence structure, and context. The app has been designed to intelligently weed out the weak, underwritten, or ‘over-optimised’ articles that clutter most social feeds.

The Scredible platform provides an easy to use tool that empowers a more connected digital life. The app combines multiple functions to perform a wide range of tasks:

Finds content: Scredible scours the web for real-time contextual information, content, and news – all while figuring out what you need and ignoring what you don’t.

Helps you research and stay on top of important topics: Scredible allows you to navigate by topic, author, and publication to get a 360 degree view of any subject, building a clear view of trending and current topics, each vital for individual users’ to meet their goals.

Gets to know you: Scredible learns from your goals and habits to source content that is both relevant and useful. The accumulated knowledge enables the platform to identify gaps, then source and present new, trending, and timely material in real time..

Helps you write: Scredible makes building social authority and followers easier. It scans content to provide ready to use posts, synopses, and comments that make sharing quality content easier.

Helps you learn: Scredible lets you see how many likes, shares, hashtags, keywords, and clicks your posts have generated every day, week, month, and year, providing a clear view of areas for future focus.

Colin Lucas-Mudd, CEO of Scredible plc, says: “A strong digital footprint is becoming ever more crucial for professional success in all sectors. But users are drowning in content, and every day the problem of separating the signal from the noise gets worse. 500 million tweets are posted every day on Twitter and 30 billion pieces of content are shared every month on Facebook. Irrespective of the breadth of any individual’s needs, it’s no longer possible to keep one’s finger on the pulse, nor to generate timely comments and posts, without the application of today’s advanced technologies.

“Scredible focuses on what’s important to meet goals, scouring the web for the most credible, useful, inspiring content, specifically targeted to each individual users’ needs, then leverages the power of the evolving cloud and machine learning technologies to deliver both information and knowledge to meet those needs.”

Lucas-Mudd concludes: “With the individual and corporate testing and analysis phase completed, we are excited to be introducing the freely available version of Scredible mobile and web to the wider market. By providing broad access to a developing intelligent learning social development suite, we anticipate being at the centre of the inevitable shift in education methods and technologies as machine learning evolves into true artificial intelligence.”

To find out more about Scredible, go to or download from the Apple App store or on Google Play.