Royal Mail digging own grave say online retailers

The Royal Mail strike has affected everyone across the Nation; however it is also splitting opinions. Speaking out on the strike and the repercussions it has had on business, Edwards Managing Director of gives his opinions, whilst Sandra Patterson the MD of online courier business gives her thoughts from the position of a business which has hugely profited from the strikes. 
Christmas is the main concern from all angles; online retailers such as do not want to let their customers down, as it is still essential to always provide a perfect service. About the possible concerns for customers, Zak Edwards had to say: “We identified the problem quickly, found the best solution for customers, and kept them in the loop using our newsletters, email communication and also our social networking channels.”
It could be possible for online purchases to drastically drop as consumers worry about their order arrival date. If this was to occur online business could become the victim of loss of sales. “Our figures are up from October compared to last year’s figures, but down on our forecasts. We largely attribute this recent down turn to the Royal Mail activity,” said Zak Edwards.
New concerns are of the possibility of the strike continuing further into the Christmas months, thus causing more anxiety for consumers and expenses for retailers. Zak Edwards has said: “If the strike continues into December then we may have to upgrade all orders to courier despatch, but this will be an extremely costly exercise, costing tens of thousands.”
Discussing the long terms effects Zak continues: “Somebody has to meet these extra costs – be it us or our customer – and ultimately it either means a lack of profit or a lack of sales, either of which is bad for business.”
Royal Mail is not the only postal system available in the UK and as a result of the strike smaller independent couriers are seeing their profits rocket. Boxby, the UK’s most successful online courier business, have seen orders almost doubled with an 87% rise. Speaking about the increase of revenue, Sandra Patterson the MD of has said:
“The most noticeable increase was in parcel and mail related enquiries, where our partner site “Parcels Please” saw an 87% increase in visitors and enquiries.”
He continues “Boxby is all about helping businesses and customers find the best delivery solution for them and during the strike our time has been spent talking to businesses looking for long term alternatives to the Royal Mail, they are digging their own grave.”
The Royal Mail strike may not last forever, but the question on the mind of the Nation is whether this will happen again, and if they can be trusted. Speaking out honestly about the future for, Zak Edwards said: “We’d 100% use an alternative to the Royal Mail if there was one. The CWU are holding the country to ransom and it’s simply not on.”
He concludes: “I admire and fully support the actions of Amazon and other large business who have switched all of their business away from Royal Mail and we are currently investigating alternative arrangements to see if we can do the same. Virgin Post has a nice ring to it… Step forwards Mr Branson”