Raab says it’s up to the EU to avoid UK crashing out with no-deal Brexit

Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab Britain’s foreign minister has said it is up to the EU to amend the terms of the UK withdrawal agreement.

He said the EU will have to take responsibility over a no-deal Brexit if they do not compromise.

During a visit to Mexico City Raab said in an interview with Reuters, “If the position from the EU is that the withdrawal agreement can’t be changed – whether it’s add-ons or subtractions – full stop, which is their position today, then let’s face it, they will be taking the decision to see the UK leave on no-deal terms, and that’s a responsibility they will have to bear.”

The EU has held a firm stance on their position and has repeatedly said the EU has already made a deal with the previous administration and will not re-open negotiations.

Raab added, “The prime minister’s been very clear, we’ll leave at the end of October, preferably with a deal with our EU partners.

“But in any event, if they don’t move, there’s no movement or flexibility from the EU side, then we’ll leave on what’s called WTO (World Trade Organization) terms.”