Public Relations and Marketing Start-up, With a Conscience

Alison Taylor, managing director of the new company, Conscious Communications, said: “Businesses across the UK are beginning to see that the ethical, environmental and social impacts of their operations are increasingly important to their customers, suppliers and investors, and that this presents them with a new opportunity.

“Some companies are just starting to think about developing their corporate responsibility strategies, more are making small practical changes to minimise their environmental impact, others are promoting biodiversity, and some are publishing full sustainability reports alongside their annual financial reports. Conscious Communications will be working with companies across all industry sectors to help them achieve competitive advantage by promoting this work together with all their other business and brand achievements.”

Research presented at a major responsible business summit in London during May shows that companies with sustainability at the centre of their business strategies far outperform those without, and Conscious Communications believes that the momentum around corporate responsibility and sustainability will continue to grow as more companies recognise this.

Taylor continued: “There are thriving entrepreneurial business communities across the UK that are ahead of the innovation curve in sustainability. These businesses are well placed to ride on the sustainability wave and evidence suggests that if they embed sustainability in their organisation’s DNA they will be more successful than their competitors.”

Conscious Communications already has clients in the education, food and nutrition, energy and construction industries and will be looking to add like-minded businesses from different sectors to its growing portfolio. Acknowledging the economic climate and business community’s specific needs, the company will also offer a unique strategic communications project package for SMEs and start-ups which combines strategic planning with public relations and marketing implementation, at an affordable price.

Kelly Allnutt, director at Conscious Communications said: “There is nothing evangelical about the Conscious Communications’ team, or our work. We simply have a passion for sustainability and a talent for public relations and marketing – combining the two is a powerful mix. This business is about helping organisations to leverage opportunities presented by the changing business environment, creating platforms from which to address target audiences and promote products and services.”