Premier League footballers #playerstogether initiative ‘raises £4M for NHS on its launch’

Harry kane

The Players Together initiative has reportedly made its first contribution to the NHS, launching with £4million worth of pledges.

Instigated by Liverpool player Jordan Henderson, #playerstogether aims to ‘distribute money to where it is needed most’ in the fight against the global pandemic.

Funds will go to ‘those fighting for us on the NHS frontline as well as other key areas of need’, a statement released earlier this month announced.

Top flight players, in discussions with their clubs over pay cuts, had expressed a desire to assist the NHS – along with other causes working at the heart of the pandemic.

And after a high profile launch and social media campaign ten days ago, the transfer of funds is now underway, according to The Mirror.

Henderson has been joined in offering support by Tottenham and England captain Harry Kane as well as Manchester United skipper Harry Maguire and Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling.

A number of conference calls between footballers from across the Premier League were held at the start of the month, while a WhatsApp group was set up for each side’s captain to explore the venture which has received unanimous backing.

Much of the talk surrounded around the level of donations with an acceptance that different players earn vastly different salaries and a desire to ensure all look like they are contributing fairly.

‘This is a critical time for our country and for our NHS,’ the #playerstogether statement read.

‘We are determined to help in any way that we can. The contributions will help NHSCT quickly grant funds to the front line to support in a number of ways.’

Health secretary Matt Hancock, who had initially urged top-flight stars to ‘play their part’ in the fight against coronavirus, later thanked the players for their gesture and insisted that they had now complied with his demand.

On Twitter, Hancock wrote: ‘Warmly welcome this big-hearted decision from so many Premier League footballers to create #PlayersTogether to support NHS Charities. You are playing your part.’

Image: DepositPhotos