Over a quarter of Brits believe Blue Monday is pseudo-science

Blue Monday

Today research shows that over a quarter of Brits believe ‘Blue Monday’ is pseudo-science and 4 in 10 do not experience lower mood on any specific day.

The research, commissioned by Mindful WorkLife, a UK science-backed mindfulness and meditation skills provider, and conducted by Gorkana Surveys also reveals that over 1 in 10 don’t know what ‘Blue Monday’ is.

The survey also found that when people experience a low mood, over a half of Brits said that mindfulness and meditation techniques help improve mental health symptoms, or experience a greater sense of wellbeing, or improve sleep.

Commenting on the findings, Martin Zetter, Founder and CEO, Mindful WorkLife said: “The research shows that the majority of people who have tried mindfulness find it helps them to feel better. Whether you believe in Blue Monday, or not, Mondays do tend to be a depressing day for many people. Mindfulness can help us get comfortable with how we feel. And that’s just one of the many benefits.”