Only one in five organisations taking cybersecurity seriously


The report “Identity Crisis: How to Balance Digital Transformation and User Security?”, revealed that 62 per cent believe it is very important or critical for their organisations to enable or extend access for users to digital services securely, yet only 26 per cent have the technology in place to do so. However, it is clear from the findings that organisations recognise the need to do more to improve the user experience, with 84 per cent acknowledging the need to offer more flexible, adaptive authentication methods and IDs.

Jim Ducharme, Vice President of Identity Products at RSA, said “As organisations extend to the cloud they must ensure they have solutions in place that address the risk and threats associated with assuring user identities. These solutions must understand who is accessing what; manage that access effectively; and control access across the various cloud services.”

“The days of logging into a company’s system with a username and password specific to that organisation are numbered. Users aspire to log in from anywhere in a variety of ways, including with social media profiles and existing email account” said Mike Turner, Global Cybersecurity COO at Capgemini Group. “The ownership of online identities is moving away from the organisation to more flexible and secure services maintained by the user, addressing access management needs. While it is extremely positive to see increasing recognition and investment from senior leadership, a considerable gap between the task at hand and the current capabilities of many organisations remains.”