Only 50% of SMEs use social media for recruitment

New research from Lucas Blake shows only 50 per cent of small businesses are using social media to recruit for vacancies.

Whilst LinkedIn is known for connecting the world of business, data shows that SME’s are more likely to turn to Facebook or Twitter to recruit for vacancies.

Interestingly the most actively used channel is Facebook with 39.2 per cent usage, which may not be surprising as Facebook is the most active UK social media channel with 31 million users, compared to LinkedIn 18 million and Twitter 15 million.

Kevin Buller, Chief Executive at Lucas Blake said: “whilst only 53 per cent of SMEs are currently using social media that figure is set to rise to 75 per cent within the next 10 years.”

The research shows that individuals are less likely to be using social media as they move into the higher are brackets, with 70.5% of 55+ individuals saying they do not use social media channels.

Katrina Collier of Winning Impression said: “Social media is no longer a nice to have, it has become essential for companies, especially those looking for people with rare skill sets.”

The easiest way to choose the right social media platform for your specific recruitment is to go and ask the people in your business where they are most active, it may not be LinkedIn. For example your nurses are most likely among the worlds 1.49 billion Facebook users, and your journalists among the 316 million active Twitter users.

Ask your people first and then, remembering that social media is a place to have online conversations, go and engage appropriately and you’ll soon be finding and attracting people to your door.”