Notworkers – that’s how not to network

He looked at me in utter amazement.

“Then how do you know which one to refer people to?” he asked.

Which one do you like, know and trust? That’s my mantra, and alright, you can’t force someone to like you, but that’s the beauty of 4Networking, if you don’t like what that one marketer has to say then move on to the next one and see if you can strike up a relationship with him.

It’s not hard. It’s like life. You refer people to someone who you believe will do a good job and treat them well, thus reflecting well on you and your business.

And, like in real life, there’s competition. You’re not the only web developer, accountant or business consultant in the world, so why do you keep trying to pretend you are? People like to have options, you only have to look at all the comparison websites to see that.  So don’t ask to see the attendees list, or be assured that there won’t be any other IFAs in the room, just worry about yourself and forging your own relationships. If your confident in what you do and what you have to offer, then competition shouldn’t be a problem, this way you’ll get quality referrals, and not just quantity.

Don’t Notwork, Network

You can watch Brad talking about business networking on BBC’s Working Lunch on Thursday 29th April