Nicola Sturgeon concerned of ‘hardline Brexiteer’ in No 10

nicola sturgeon snp

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said it is “deeply concerning” a hardline Brexiteer” could become the next prime minister, which could threaten a no-deal Brexit.

She further warned that Theresa Mays departure will “not solve the Brexit mess” and it would be wrong for a successor to take office without holding a general election.

Speaking on May’s resignation she said, “I wish Theresa May well. She and I had profound disagreements, not least on her handling of Brexit and her disregard for Scotland’s interests.

“However, leadership is tough, especially in these times, and she deserves thanks for her service.

“Her departure will not solve the Brexit mess that the Tories have created. Only putting the matter back to the people can do that.”

Sturgeon added, “Given current circumstances, it also feels deeply wrong for another Tory to be installed in Number 10 without a General Election.

“The prospect of an even more hardline Brexiteer now becoming PM and threatening a no-deal exit is deeply concerning.

“Added to the experience of the past three years, this makes it all the more important that Scotland is given the choice of becoming an independent country.”