Nearly half of UK small businesses are founded on £500 or less


New research has discovered that cost shouldn’t be a barrier for budding entrepreneurs, as 40 per cent of UK business are founded on under £500, while almost a third are started on £250 or less.

The findings were part of a survey of 1,500 UK small business owners in which 93 per cent stated they recorded a profit last year, with a further 85 per cent, reporting their business was very, or quite successful. This 85 per cent is a progressive find when compared to 2016 when only 74 per cent felt this way when asked the same question.

Low start-up costs and high levels of success and profit were found to be in contrast to the perceived barriers from Brits who have considered starting their own business.

However, 88 per cent of business owners said that they are happy with their working life on a daily basis and a further 34 per cent stated that no worries or burdens keep them up at night.

In a separate survey of 1,500 UK consumers, the main risks were considered to be: lack of money, risk of failure and not knowing where to start.

Furthermore, the research also found that 51 per cent of the UK population said they’ve thought about setting up a business, with an additional 31 per cent, admitting they are not happy in their current employment.

Mark Clisby, Marketing Director of Yell Business said: “As our research found, the current catalysts for taking the leap and starting a business include inheriting funds and being made redundant. However hopefully, the positive revelations around low start-up cost and high success, will give the inspiration needed to budding entrepreneurs, so that they don’t wait for scenarios like this to happen to them.

‘For anyone in the process of starting up, my advice would be to thoroughly research your market before making the leap – and to prioritise digital. From a website, social media to reviews, this is essential for any business in 2017”.