Nationwide set to use automation to boost productivity

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Tata Consultancy Services partners with Nationwide Building Society to provide ignio neural automation system.

Nationwide, the worlds largest building society has chosen the ignite platform to deliver intelligent automation to improve efficiency, responsiveness and reduce operational risks.

The decision has come on the back of the increasing popularity and use of artificial intelligence  in business ignio works by integrating information from a wide range of sources, and has the ability to blueprint and self-learn an enterprise’s technology. This provides organisations the ability to make informed decisions quickly as well as self-heal from operational incidents, while reducing the reliance on manual processes and modelling tasks.

Mike Pighills, Head of Service Integration and Transition, Nationwide Building Society commented: “Moving all of our services on to a digital platform, while ensuring a high level of resilience and agility, is a major priority for Nationwide. ignio will help us to simplify the management of these systems, giving us greater efficiency and control over critical aspects of our IT.”

Prof Harrick Vin, VP & Chief Scientist, Tata Consultancy Services, said: “The digital revolution has created many opportunities for businesses like Nationwide, but it also brings challenges, perhaps the most significant of which is the rapidly increasing complexity of IT. New digital products for customers, combined with the vast amounts of data that today’s organisations have to process, can make it difficult to make fast, informed decisions.”