Myleene Klass says starting a British fashion business is pure & simple

Klass, who owns her own Baby K brand was speaking at small business events arranged by high street bank Santander and her message was clear ‘Don’t undervalue your Britishness’.

Klass said that: ‘Made in Britain, Made in the UK, Made in England – these labels are so powerful.’

She added Baby K has products labelled Made in Britain ‘because it has so much appeal overseas.’
Her range of baby clothes is sold in 32 countries through Mothercare.

Klass, 37, also said she had decided to get involved in the Baby K business rather than simply lend her name to it.

‘I’ve a lot of respect for any woman or guy trying to make a business for themselves,’ she said, ‘even if it does mean simply attaching their name. But that is just not in my nature. I like to get my hands dirty.
‘Also, I own Baby K. It was one of my biggest lessons from Hear’Say – make sure you own your name.’