Millenials more likely to be influenced by parents than their friends

 The belief that young people are most heavily influenced by their friends does not actually ring true, according to new research. Those aged between 18-24 years old are actually still more likely to be influenced by their mum and dad than their best friend, the poll revealed.

All respondents were asked: “Who are you more likely to be influenced by online?” to which the most popular answer of the millennial group, was ‘family members’; almost double those that answered ‘friends’. By comparison, just 3 per cent stated that they were most likely to be influenced by accounts with a ‘high number of followers’, such as celebrities, and just 2 per cent were most influenced by ‘colleagues’.

When considering who the older respondents were most likely to be influenced by, however, the groups aged 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 all specified that ‘friends’ were their biggest influence; with 41 per cent, 38 per cent and 39 per cent of their votes respectively.

UK Managing Director at affilinet, Helen Southgate, said the following: “This research has cast a new light on who Millennials are most influenced by.  With parents the most selected category it’s clear that they feel family is still the biggest influence on them.”