Meetzoo launches crowdfunding round

Meetzoo, which launched its open beta on iPhone earlier this month, aims to secure £150,000 of first stage investment within 30 days.
Investors will receive a share of the 16.67 per cent equity stake being made available on Crowdcube, with minimum investments starting at £10. The funding will be used to support their App Store launch and generate a subscription revenue stream and an Android version is scheduled to launch shortly afterwards.

What is Meetzoo?

Meetzoo was founded in February 2016 by entrepreneur Paul Lewis-Borman, who believed that meetings should be a lot more productive than they are today.
Paul commented: “Like most business professionals, l spend a large amount of my work life participating in meetings,”
“Meetings should be the most productive and creative interactions of our business lives. They are the lifeblood of business, yet they are rarely as productive as they should be. I took a hard look at what is wrong with meetings – such as not knowing enough about each of the attendees beforehand, attendees not being properly briefed, agendas rarely being used or followed, poor time management and little in the way of continuity or accountability between meetings. I went looking for an app that could solve these problems and couldn’t find one, so I created Meetzoo.”
Employees attend around 62 meetings a month and Executives spend 40-50 per cent of their working hours in meetings – 7.8 of those hours are considered unnecessary and poorly run, equating to two months work time wasted per year.

How does Meetzoo help?

No other meeting app offers the same level of integration of social, meeting and collaboration functionality that Meetzoo does:

Action tracking features


Meetzoo’s action tracking features brings continuity of thought and action to every meeting by letting participants track their tasks and pick up exactly where they left off more easily. 
Meetzoo is the only app that aims to add value to the entire meeting lifecycle to improve the productivity of all meetings. Some apps only focus on providing knowledge of participants ahead of the first meeting whereas others focus on action tracking between meetings but Meetzoo does both. By adding value to the entire meeting lifecycle from end-to-end, Meetzoo ensures that your 100th meeting is just as productive as your first.

Integrates with your most-used apps


Meetzoo integrates with all your favourite apps to ensure the highest quality of data. The goal is to make Meetzoo integrate with all the apps you already use, such as LinkedIn, Google+, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics etc. in addition to your Google, Office or smartphone calendar. This will ensure the data in Meetzoo is accurate, reliable and up-to-date.

Collaboration features


Meetzoo’s combination of social, meeting and collaboration features is uncontested. Meetzoo is first and foremost about collaboration – it is not here to give one individual an advantage over everyone else. Meetzoo combines social data about the participants with a record of when you last met and what you talked about, combined with ongoing collaboration on the agenda, notes and actions following the meeting.

Paul continued, “Meetzoo has huge potential. The space of meeting lifecycle products is largely uncontested and we’re just starting to see lots of interest here now. Earlier this month one of our competitors Worklife was acquired by Cisco.
“We have a compelling viral growth model because our users are always meeting new recruits with every calendar event they attend. There are over 450m LinkedIn users alone, we want to target 10 per cent of that base in 4 years and by monetizing just 2 per cent of that number we can generate annual revenues in excess of £40m a year.
“We have spent the first six months of the company developing the brand, business plan and a functioning beta version on iPhone. The next phase of the story is to take the app out of beta and onto the App Store so we can begin to grow the user base and launch the app’s premium features. We will then launch on Android shortly after that. We are incredibly excited to be launching Meetzoo’s crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, the UKs leading equity crowdfunding platform.”