Majority of UK workers apply for job roles they aren’t qualified for


The research, which surveyed 1,000 participants between the ages of 18 and 64 about the relationship between professional development and employability, also revealed that of those who admitted to applying for roles they weren’t qualified for, over two thirds then failed to secure that same job.

Millennial workers were in fact the most likely to apply for a job that they weren’t qualified for, with 55-64 year olds being the most likely to be rejected on application if their skillset didn’t fit the bill.

Encouragingly, the survey has also highlighted that UK workers want to improve their employability, with an impressive 85 per cent of all participants advising that they would invest in additional training to boost their CV and career opportunities, which included a near even split between men and women.

Of all age groups surveyed, 25-34 year olds were the most likely to invest in additional training at 83 per cent, with online courses perceived as the most popular training route for career development across all age groups.

Jazz Gandhum, Managing Director of e-Careers and Founder of Course Library, said: “In a constantly evolving world, climbing the career ladder or securing your dream job has become more competitive than ever, particularly when we consider how the digital landscape and technological advances have transformed our day-to-day job roles.”

“Course Library is the culmination of a strategic partnership between e-Careers and CV-Library that combines our 20+ years of expertise to connect premium training providers with job seekers through an easy to use digital interface; thus, enabling individuals to invest in themselves and future career opportunities – which, according to our latest research, is in high demand.”

Managing Director of CV-Library and co-founder of Course Library, Lee Biggins, added: “It’s clear from our findings that experience can only take candidates so far in their job hunt. Developing your skillsets in order to further yourself in your career is now more important than ever before and it’s important that any individual looking for work in 2017 considers ways in which they can boost their CV and ultimately, their chances of getting themselves the job.

“Our new partnership with e-Careers will help us to support candidates in this area, enabling us to deliver great training to candidates during their search and improving personal development within their careers.”