Leading industry experts line up to mentor UKs brightest creative businesses

Leading industry experts line up to mentor UKs brightest creative talent

Respected industry figures such as Patrick McKenna, CEO at Ingenious Media; Charles Wace, CEO, Twofour Group; Tim Bevan, CEO, Working Title Films; Louise Pedersen, Managing Director, All3Media International and Andy Payne, CEO, Appynation are amongst the mentors involved in the CBMN initiative which invites creative businesses to apply to be selected to work with one of the mentors.

The CBMN, is a partnership between Nesta and PACT, IPA, UKIE and Skillset, is designed to help the UK’s most exciting creative businesses to realise their potential by matchmaking an expert industry mentor to businesses selected to take part in the programme. It also aims to help creative businesses understand how adopting mentoring can make an impact on their future success.

A pilot project run by Nesta in 2010 found a strong link between business mentoring and future business success with 95 per cent of businesses in the pilot scheme reporting increased confidence. 85 per cent had improved networks and contacts, and profitability was improved by over half of the companies.

A strong positive impact was also evident in employment effectiveness, with mentored businesses taking action to make strategic hires, manage workforce performance, balance the mix of permanent and freelance employees and invest in making longer term commitments to key workers.

Jon Kingsbury, Director of Creative Economy Programmes at Nesta said: “Access to the experience and expertise of the industry’s top performers on a personal basis is a fantastic catalyst in the development of creative businesses. We believe that mentoring is one of the best ways for creative businesses to acquire the skills and confidence they need to thrive and our aim through this programme is for business mentoring to be adopted more widely across our industry.”

Patrick McKenna, CEO, Ingenious Media commented: “The UK has a world-leading cultural and creative industry and the volunteer mentors involved with this programme are very keen to play their part in ensuring the next generation of world-beaters is able to succeed. I am pleased to be involved with the CBMN and alongside my mentoring peers, we look forward to working with the future stars of our industry.”

Established creative businesses in the film, TV, advertising, digital media and gaming sectors are invited to apply online for a place on the Nesta scheme at www.nesta.org.uk/cbmn
. Thirty ‘mentee’ businesses will be selected from across the UK to work with one of the CBMN mentors.

Over a six to twelve month period the volunteer mentors will work with their mentee business leaders in ten, two-hour sessions with the aim of helping the business to resolve current challenges and set a course towards achieving its aspirations.

The closing date for applications is 13th September 2012 at 11:00. The mentors and companies will be matched in September and mentoring will begin in October.

Paul Jones

Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine


Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine