KPMG Enterprise helps support UK fashion designers

The fashion industry now contributes an estimated £26bn to the UK economy, up 22% from £21bn in 2009
However, with the skillsets of fashion and finance rarely overlapping, finding the winning combination of creative brilliance and financial prowess can often prove difficult

That was the case for Jalil Rahman, who since signing up for KPMG Enterprise last autumn, has successfully established a supply chain, launched his brand – Augustus Pili – at London Collections: Men and outlined a clear financial infrastructure to take the business forward

Product design graduate, Jalil, found that while he excelled on the creative side of his venture, he initially lacked the time and financial awareness required to complete the level of admin typically associated with starting a new business

Speaking about the support he has received Jalil Rahman, Director of Augustus Pili, said: I’m naturally a creative person, but on launching my brand I quickly learnt that creativity alone wasn’t going to pay my bills. To ensure my brand’s success I recruited the support of KPMG Enterprise. The team helped me to develop the financial and accounting practices, as well as advising on marketing and strategic business plans.

With KPMG Enterprise, designers, entrepreneurs and fashionistas can enter the market with a fully integrated package of tools and support, all designed to fit like a glove around the administrative and accounting demands of running a business

Commenting about the partnership Caroline Rush CBE, CEO of the British Fashion Council,: It’s so important for those looking to enter the industry to ensure they consider business skills as well as technical skills. Whether you’re working in-house, as part of a creative team, or you’re a start up designer, if you arm yourself with business knowledge and seek out professional advice, your chances of success are far greater.

Image: Greg Tallent