Kelly Hoppen MBE joins search to find Britain’s top business ‘passionpreneur’

The search for Britain’s Top Real Role Model is an annual competition that aims to support and celebrate entrepreneurship. Each year, the initiative has a theme and for its fifth anniversary, Kelly Hoppen and Amway UK are looking for an amazing ‘Passionpreneur’. The winner will be crowned Britain’s Top Real Role Model 2015 and receive a £5,000 cash investment for their business.

The competition is open to businessmen and women who have launched a commercial venture inspired by a hobby, passion or interest of theirs. From photography to upholstery, skydiving to painting – if a passion has become a viable commercial enterprise, trading and registered in the UK, Amway and Kelly want to hear more!

If anyone understands the importance of ‘passion’ when it comes to creating a successful business venture, it’s Kelly. An independent 16-year-old with a relentless passion for design, Kelly was given the opportunity to design a family friend’s kitchen and this modest commission kick-started one of the most celebrated and extraordinary careers in the design industry.

Kelly comments on her involvement with Britain’s Top Real Role Model: “Amway’s campaign to reward entrepreneurialism is brilliant!”

“Each year, lots of brave individuals take the bold leap to start up a business, so having an initiative that celebrates and acknowledges their determination gets my support.

“It can be difficult to take the first step as an entrepreneur but it is also an exciting time of self-discovery when you achieve what you once thought was impossible.

“Personally, there is a real resonance with Britain’s Top Real Role Model’s ‘Passionpreneur’ theme. My own Interior Design business started because of my passion for design. Businesses created off the back of a hobby or a passion tends are often the ones which goes to succeed!”

The closing date for all nominations is 7 August 2015. The Judging Panel spearheaded by Hoppen will draw up a shortlist with the eventual winner being announced on 7 September 2015.

Sheryl Franklin-Worth, Corporate Affairs Manager at Amway UK says: ‘We are delighted to have such a prestigious businesswoman on our judging panel. Kelly brings a wealth of experience and insight to this year’s theme. Her input will be invaluable and her involvement, we are sure, will be an inspiration for many to enter.”

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