Jacqueline Gold nominated for top award

Many of Jacqueline Gold’s staff already have, or are working towards, Retail Apprenticeships and NVQs and her dedication to vocational qualifications as an employer has led to Jacqueline being nominated for a VQ Hero award.

Kate Nash, Jamie Oliver and Charles Worthington have also been nominated for a VQ Hero Award, with voting taking place on at www.vqday.org.

When learning of her nomination, Jacqueline Gold said:

“Vocational qualifications form a crucial part of our recruitment and training programme at Ann Summers. We actively look to recruit talented people with vocational qualifications as well as ensuring our staff have access to training programmes at work. I’m a walking example of someone who didn’t need an academic degree to succeed and I can’t wait to see everyone else with vocational qualifications receive the recognition I have.”

Jacqueline started her working life on a work experience placement and her career took off after launching the Ann Summers Party Plan in 1981 before eventually becoming Chief Executive of Ann Summers in 1987. But it is because of her dedication to vocational qualifications as an employer that she has been nominated for a VQ Hero Award. Many of her staff already have or are working towards Retail Apprenticeships and NVQs. The investment has paid off, Ann Summers is on of the 100 best companies to work for.

Andy Powell, chief executive of Edge – the charity behind VQ Day, said: “Every year millions of people across the country study for and gain a vocational qualification, leading to further vocational study or university, better jobs and enhanced skills. It amazes me that despite these clear benefits, vocational qualifications still do not enjoy the prestige of their more academic counterparts.  Hopefully when people see the success of our VQ Heroes, this perception will start to change and I would encourage all colleges and learning providers to submit their own entries to the Awards.”