ICAEW & Enterprise Nation launch new Business Advisor platform

Enterprise Nation

The ICAEW have teamed up with Enterprise Nation to create a new dynamic Business Advisor platform which will dramatically improve the accessibility of accountants and business advisors to small companies.

Built with support from the ICAEW, Enterprise Nation has launched a dynamic new platform which will dramatically increase the reach and resources available to the UK’s small business community.

By registering as a business advisor on the platform, ICAEW members will be able to easily connect with entrepreneurs and small business owners who need their support, guidance and expertise.

Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation(pictured), said: “we are offering businesses in the UK, a new way to access the on-demand advice they might need as a start-up. The platform identifies areas that businesses might need help with and matches them with a relevant advisor to offer that all important support. By collaborating with the ICAEW, we are offering five million smaller businesses operating in the UK, access to the best in the field.

“This launch event is a great opportunity to showcase the platform and how it can help small businesses and start-ups reach their maximum potential and find the success they need.”

Sharron Gunn, ICAEW Executive Director added: “ICAEW strongly promotes the value that its members can provide to businesses and this presents another opportunity for our members to showcase their skills. Approximately 500,000 new businesses start in the UK each year, but 60% ceases to trade by the end of year five. This new platform presents the perfect opportunity for new businesses to get the advice that could be the difference between success and failure.

“By offering the right advice, ICAEW members will be able to support smaller businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK reach their full potential.”