Hundreds of thousands of Trump protesters to descend on London

Trump Blimp

President Donald Trump has arrived in London and up to 250,000 protesters are set to descend on the streets of London to disrupt his visit tomorrow.

Buckingham Palace and Downing Street are in lockdown and Scotland Yard has around 10,000 police officers on duty across London costing taxpayers £25m.

As the Queen is to host her state banquet activists are expected to arrive at Buckingham Palace later today as they have vowed to do all they can to disrupt the banquet.

Tomorrow the main demonstrations are to start, and the protest are to feature a giant 20ft inflatable of Donald Trump wearing a nappy, the baby blimp which Sadiq Khan gave permission for it to fly over Parliament Square.

Shabbir Lakha, organiser of the Stand Up to Trump coalition said, “We would like this to be the biggest demonstration in British history.

“We want to show our opposition visibly and vocally, giving people an opportunity to come out and show their dissent.”

He added, “We are going to be assembling in Trafalgar Square and will march down Whitehall, with a rally at the Monument to the Women of World War II next to the Cenotaph, which should be at the same time Donald Trump is in Downing Street.”

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said, “This is a multi-faceted security operation, and whilst the Met has a responsibility to ensure the right to peaceful protest, this needs to be balanced with the complex requirements of this policing plan.”

Labour’s shadow ministers, Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler are also expected to join protesters.