Half of management candidates need to improve leadership skills


New research of HR directors revealed that nearly one in five management candidates fall short on planning skills, with 15 per cent lacking functional, job-related skills and 14 per cent lacking communication skills.

Candidates applying for staff level roles are equally lacking one of their core competencies, with nearly half of candidates not holding the desired functional, job-related skills. Other areas staff level candidates need to improve in are communication skills and leadership skills. Just 5 per cent of HR directors think those at staff level should worry about improving their project management or strategic planning skills.

Areas HR directors would like to see candidates improve the most:

Skills Management level positions Staff level positions
Leadership 50% 20%
Strategic planning 18% 5%
Functional, job-related skills 15% 49%
Communication 14% 22%
Project management 5% 5%


Two-fifths of HR directors said that, when evaluating candidates, technical skills carry a greater weight than non-technical skills, with just 15 per cent saying the opposite. Additionally, anyone applying for a management level position should also bear in mind that their interview performance is as crucial as ever, with 39 per cent of HR directors stating this was the most important factor when making a hiring decision.

Those applying for staff level positions should focus on their professional experience as this is the most important factor when recruiting for these roles, say 44 per cent of HR directors.  Other factors include job interview performance, candidate testing and reference checks. Unsurprisingly, nearly half of HR directors place a greater weight on technical skills when looking for staff level candidates than they do on softer skills.

Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director at Robert Half UK, commented: “The need for developing soft skills as professionals advance in their careers is becoming ever more important. Many organisations today are reviewing their growth goals for the year and are ensuring they have the right people on hand to help steer the organisation to meet those goals.

“When adding new professionals to their team, hiring managers base their decisions on different criteria, depending on the level of seniority of the role. Professional experience and functional skills are the most important factors for hiring managers recruiting for staff level roles, in comparison to the emphasis on leadership skills for management level. One thing that is clear from both is the need for new hire’s to add value from day one and support the business objectives.”