Green Shoots of Recovery and REAL Thought Leadership

But while Roger Levett outlines an opportunity in his essay Sustainability and recovery: digging the West Midlands out of recession with his prehistoric pre-war notions of ‘digging for victory’, he may actually be onto something. We are, he reminds us, aberrant in human history in taking food security for granted and leaving its production to a minority. This doesn’t make him a great gardener, it makes him a great thinker. It also makes him a great leader, as by encouraging others to grow their own produce he believes that he is leading us out of the recession.

There are lots of people around, just like Levett, that have great ideas – lets face it, these great thought leaders are the ones who are going to lead us out of the recession. But it is not just about having a great idea, it is about having a unique idea, so as the recession continues to ease, business will begin to boom again. This is the time to consider how you can then stand out and be different from your competitors.

The recession made consumers spend more wisely, so now a recovery is imminent it is more important than ever to embrace new thinking; therefore we need thought leaders to step up to the plate and deliver the best ideas in the most effective and impactful ways! I believe that in this channel hopping culture, where one option suddenly becomes more attractive, cheaper or easier than the next, it is more important than ever to stand out. More people are choosing to work with the ‘safe bet’, the top leader and the proven solution.

Thought leaders are generally defined as people who share their thoughts and ideas in a positive and constructive way. They are also recognised as having an ability to be constantly innovative with their ideas, and can often have an influencing effect on others who then lead by their example.

When you become well known by your audience, your name gets remembered at the top of the pile. When people become known as a top person in their field, and when they have something new, or something of original value to share with their market, people want to listen. As the recession subsides, now is the perfect time to plant the seeds of your thought leadership – there are people out there who want to follow you!