Government ‘deeply disappointed’ by Tata Steel job cuts

tata steel

Following Monday’s announcement of 1,050 job losses, Soubry said: “The steel industry is having to take tough decisions in the face of extremely challenging conditions but this is deeply disappointing news.

“Our immediate focus will be on working with the Welsh Assembly to support workers in South Wales as well as other Tata UK sites to find new jobs as quickly as possible.

“The Government continues to engage closely with Tata on how we can help during this difficult period.

“The Government has taken clear action to help the industry, through cutting energy costs, taking action on imports, Government procurement and EU emissions regulations, meeting key steel industry asks.”

Emma Watkins, CBI Wales Director echoed Soubrey’s comments saying: “These job losses are a real setback to the Welsh economy and it’s clear that firms in our steel industry face major global challenges to stay competitive.

“Chinese steel imports look to be having a big impact and it’s important that the European Commission urgently reports back on whether the market has been distorted unfairly by excess market supply.

“Our industrial base can best be supported by developing a long-term industrial strategy, protecting research and development investment to help raise productivity and making energy costs more competitive.

“The Welsh and UK governments must work together, and alongside business, for Wales to thrive by developing new and compelling offers for inward investment and export support.”