Further resignations ‘could lead to change in government’

David Davis’ resignation as Brexit Secretary just months before the UK has to conclude Brexit negotiations is a crushing blow to Theresa May’s authority as prime minister and has put the entire future of her government in doubt.

Speaking about the fall out from the Cabinet’s meeting at Chequers Dr Ben Williams, Lecturer in Politics and Political Theory at the University of Salford, said: “David Davis’ sudden resignation as Brexit Secretary and replacement by fellow former Leave campaigner Dominic Raab has sent shockwaves through Theresa May’s government and consequently places the Prime Minister in yet another very precarious position.

“Following her key Cabinet summit at Chequers at the end of last week, the initial response suggested that Mrs May had once again managed to steer a delicate path of compromise to keep both Brexiteers and Remainers within her Cabinet ‘onside’ in support of her proposed vision for Britain’s post-Brexit future.

“Davis’ departure at the very end of the weekend is significant in that he was one the of the government’s so-called ‘big beasts’ of Brexit, with ultimate responsibility for this pivotal and all-consuming government policy.

“His departure suggests even he has lost faith in May’s Brexit strategy, and his replacement Dominic Raab is said to be cut from similar cloth – a fellow Eurosceptic who is close to Davis politically, and used to be his Chief of Staff. This appointment therefore does not necessarily strengthen Mrs May’s position.

“This is now a very dangerous time for the Prime Minister, and if further significant ministerial resignations follow, it could well lead to her a chain reaction of major political events.

“This could include her own resignation, a further General Election, an even more uncertain post-Brexit future, and ultimately even a change of government. The next few days and the remainder of this week will potentially be one of the most interesting and tense periods of British politics in recent times.”