Funzing receives funding to launch in UK

The funding will be used to allow Funzing to rapidly expand in the UK and establish itself as the market leader, with an initial focus on Greater London.

Founded in 2014, Funzing provides a platform for anyone to discover and share a variety of unique activities, events and experiences based on hobbies, passions and skills of individuals who would like to create an extra income.

Started in Israel by Avigur Zmora, former CEO of PlayTech, the idea for Funzing was created based on the concept of the sharing economy and came about when Zmora became frustrated with the repetitive activities offered by other events websites.

According to Founder and CEO, Avigur Zmora, “Funzing disrupts the mainstream leisure time world by providing anyone a risk and hassle free platform with which they can upload photos, describe activities, and list prices and location. Then, we promote and advertise their activity on our website, social networks as well as through PR.

“You get easy access to a world of business from something that until now was your passion or your hobby, and you can make money from it, without investing in your own website, or in marketing or advertising it.”

What differentiates Funzing from other events websites is two fold; first, it keeps the user open-minded by letting anyone define himself (eg: location, age group or calendar date) – and then be exposed to amazing experiences they would never have searched for in the classical methods.

Secondly, Funzing empowers any individual or small business owners who wish to share their hobby or knowledge with others and create a new stream of income, even from their own living room. Funzing creates a network where like-minded people can share their interests – helping hosts to make financial gain from their passion and users to find unique events to attend.

Free for users and hosts to register, activity hosts are paid via the website, and the company serves as payment processor. The business model is based on charging 15 per cent of the event organizer’s revenue, and each activity that is uploaded is verified through a review and curation process, and an inspection of the workshop itself.

Events on the site range from supper clubs, quirky cookery workshops, lectures in living rooms, secret gigs & parties, artist masterclasses, become a zombie for an evening experience and much more.